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Powder Coating Kent
Powder Coating Kent


JDM Powder Tech Ltd also specialise in applying Nylon powder to all types of metal and is widely used on many products, such as door handles where these will be in high traffic areas.


Nylon powders are regularly available in standard RAL colours with the additional option of a Matt, Satin or Gloss finish.


Nylon powders are applied in the same way as Polyester Powder, using electrostatic guns, however the baking process is different. Unlike Polyester powders being baked in a curing oven, Nylon powders are applied to the product, then heated rapidly to a melting point of 240c and then cooled, encasing the product in a Nylon coating. 



•  Noise Reduction                                            

•  Abrasion Resistance

•  Chemical Resistance

•  Dimensionally Stable

•  Excellent Corrosion Resistance

•  High Impact Resistance

•  Very Low Surface Friction

•  Eliminate buzz, squeal, rattle

•  Slip characteristics

•  Oil and fluid Resistance

•  Protects against UV exposure

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