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Powder Coating Kent
Powder Coating Kent


JDM Powder Tech Ltd can apply Polyester Powder to all types of metals including Aluminium, Mild Steel and Stainless and is widely used on many architectural and agricultural products worldwide. Powder coating offers a long lasting protection against weather conditions and is much more resistant than wet spraying or brushed paint.

Powders are regularly available in standard RAL, British Standard and Pantone colours with additional options of a Matt, Satin, Gloss, Textured or Metallic finish.

JDM Powder Tech Ltd have a great team of staff who are always able to offer you guidance, with years of experience within the powder coating industry, so for any project no matter how big or small, our friendly team of staff will be able to assist you.



Polyester Powder is applied using electrostatic currents, once the surface has been covered it is then placed into a curing oven around 200c. Once the oven hits its curing temperature it is then baked between 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the colour and finish required. When the baking cycle is complete the products are then left to cool down to allow the powder to cure and the surface to harden.​​


JDM Powder Tech Ltd has 2 curing ovens, our main production oven is the largest and can process up to 6Mtr long x 2.5Mtr wide x 2.1Mtr tall. Our second curing oven can process up to 4Mtr long x 3Mtr wide x 2.1Mtr tall.


• Corrosion resistant

• Applies without runs or sags

• Hard wearing

• Ultraviolet Light resistant

• No VOC's or solvents

• Colour matching available for all types of colours and brands


JDM Powder Tech Ltd work closely with Akzonobel, our main supplier for all of our powders. We have worked with Akzonobel since JDM Powder Tech Ltd started in April 2014 on numerous amounts of projects to meet our clients demands and special requirements.

For further details on Akzonobel and the powders we use, please visit their website by clicking the link here

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