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Powder Coating Kent



1: JDM Powder Tech Ltd requires an order number (Verbal, or written) to commence work. Once confirmation has been given, cancellation charges set out below will apply to all contracts.

2: If a contract is cancelled by the client at any time during the commencement of work, you will be liable to pay JDM Powder Tech Ltd the full value of the order quoted or estimated (direct or indirect) or any other losses whatsoever.

3: JDM Powder Tech Ltd reserves the right to terminate any agreement or contract at any time by verbal or written confirmation to the client if the other goes into liquidation, account is under legal action with debt collection, receiver or an administrator has been appointed to take over all or part of the business.

4: JDM Powder Tech Ltd fees are quoted and estimated according to the business requirements and reserves the right to adjust costs to reflect individual contracts. All contracts are asked to arrive in a prepared condition (other than final cleaning). JDM Powder Tech Ltd reserves the right to review quotes and charge for any additional surface preparation work that is required.

5: JDM Powder Tech Ltd and the completion of works are offered in good faith and are based on the position at the date of ordering. These are not guaranteed and could be subject to delays due to strikes, accidents, force majeure, mechanical breakdowns, unavailability of products and parts or other causes beyond JDM Powder Tech Ltd control.

6: Any agreed timescales either in writing or verbal which are not met, will not hold JDM Powder Tech Ltd accountable for delays, expenses or third party fines. JDM Powder Tech Ltd will make all reasonable endeavours to start and complete work by the dates given but will not accept liability for delay.

7: Any orders delivered to JDM Powder Tech Ltd without a quote being raised, will be completed in good faith under our Charges/Payments section and on the understanding that these terms and conditions have been read and agreed upon.


8: It is the policy of JDM Powder Tech Ltd to provide a powder coating service that meets or exceeds all of our customer’s quality and delivery expectations.

9: With an emphasis on defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste, and by establishing long-term partnerships and working closely with suppliers, customers and employees, JDM Powder Tech Ltd strives to continually improve our processes, quality and efficiency.

10: Except in respect of death or personal injury, JDM Powder Tech Ltd shall not be liable to you by reason of any representation (unless fraudulent), or any term of our agreement for any loss of profit or any indirect, special or consequential loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims which arise out of, or in connection with your contract.

11: JDM Powder Tech Ltd asks our clients to make good preparations and show due diligence around the preparing of contracts prior to delivery.

12: Any additional items delivered or amendments to sizes or design which has not been quoted for, will be chargeable. These charges will be calculated at our standard rates and added to your invoice.

13: JDM Powder Tech Ltd uses forms of Social Media to promote the business and the work which we complete. Unless put in writing stating otherwise, you give consent for JDM Powder Tech Ltd to post your completed work on social media sites. No details of our clients, product information or projects will be disclosed.

14: All powder coating is completed on the understanding that as much as we try to complete near perfect works that we are unable to control environmental factors such as the weather. This may cause small imperfections to the finish of the paint such as drips, sags and dust to the finish of the coatings. The industry standard states that these occurrences shall not be noticeable from a distance of 3 metres or more from the surface of the worked area.

15: JDM Powder Tech Ltd inspection process consists of the following, unless otherwise specified or agreed in writing and applies to all contracts completed.

1. A close visual inspection is carried out upon completion by the workshop.
2. Any obvious defects or inclusions located by the workshop will then be inspected by the Workshop Manager by eye under natural light at a distance of 3 Mtrs and looking for a minimum number of 3 visible inclusions per square metre. (Aluminium sheet is to be calculated at 2 inclusions per square metre at a distance of 3 metres) and the Workshop Manager's decision is final.
3. Where any defect materials do not meet these standards JDM Powder Tech Ltd will, repair and re-powder coat without the client’s knowledge or inform the client prior to doing so to determine whether the defected material will be acceptable.
4. A coating thickness gauge is used on every job processed and is recorded to ensure the thickness meets the minimum standard of 60 to 80 microns for a single coat. Three readings are taken and the average reading is used and recorded.
5. Any rejects will be recorded and investigated to improve our quality process

Smaller items such as bike frames, car parts and intricate items are viewed independently and do not follow our normal quality procedure. JDM Powder Tech Ltd reserves the right to allow more inclusions if the panel is to be fitted out of eye level/sight and is determined by the Workshop Manager.

16: JDM Powder Tech Ltd are happy to consider special inspection requirements for your orders, however these need to be pre-approved in writing and reasonable for both parties.

17: All items need to be hung during the powder coating process; in the event that there is nowhere to hang your products, we will contact you to confirm a hole position. If JDM Powder Tech Ltd are unable to get hold of you, our Workshop Manager will make the appropriate decision on the information they hold, alternatively your order will be delayed until confirmation is received. We ask that upon delivery, products have a minimum of a 3mm hanging hole.

18: To ensure JDM Powder Tech Ltd can maximize production, items are hung from rails and although we will do our best to avoid hook marks, these may be visible. We ask that upon ordering you confirm a preferred hanging position and instruct your workforce or customer to protect this area before or after installation.

19: Galvanised materials can be powder coated, but we ask that all surfaces are fully prepared when brought in. Galvanising can leave the surface uneven and pitted which will be visible once powder coated. JDM Powder Tech Ltd deem any orders delivered are at a satisfied state for powder coating and our customers understand any uneven finish will not be at the fault of JDM Powder Tech Ltd.

20: All powder coating orders need to be inspected within 1 working day of collection/delivery from JDM Powder Tech Ltd. In the event any job is being rejected for quality issues, JDM Powder Tech Ltd will carry out an internal investigation and any issues rectified free of charge if deemed to be our fault. Once the goods have been sent out, installed on site, cut up, amended in any way or sold, any powder coating issues which may arise JDM Powder Tech Ltd will not be liable for any external costs, relating to delays, design fault, installation or additional works/charges that you may incur.

21: JDM Powder Tech Ltd will process your order in accordance with the specification stated on the purchase order supplied. Should the order be processed in accordance with the purchase order and the specification stated is then found to be incorrect, JDM Powder Tech Ltd will not be liable.

22. JDM Powder Tech Ltd does not offer a guarantee on our coatings and does not hold any accreditation for our work. JDM Powder Tech Ltd, process' work in accordance to system specifications supplied by AkzoNobel our main powder paint supplier. AkzoNobel can supply a written estimated life span for the powder coating JDM Powder Tech Ltd undertake using the products they supply, but this is not a guarantee by ether Akzonobel or JDM Powder Tech Ltd.

23. All powder coated products need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to prolong the lifespan of the coating. AkzoNobel Cleaning and Maintenance guide must be adhered to and can be supplied upon request.


24: JDM Powder Tech Ltd have the capability to re-spray over existing powder coated products, although we will try to complete near perfect works we cannot guarantee the quality of the finish and our inspection process does not apply. Re-powder coating materials are powder coated under immense temperatures and can cause the original surface to wrinkle, burn, bubble or blister during the baking process. These issues are out of JDM Powder Tech Ltd control and will not be liable.

25: Any Re-powder coating work carried out by JDM Powder Tech Ltd will be completed in good faith and on the understanding that the above (24) applies, additional costs will be applied if you require the materials to be stripped first. These costs will be based on the time it takes to get the materials to an acceptable finish for powder coating.

26: JDM Powder Tech Ltd have the capability to colour match to standard RAL colours from a sample provided. Although we will try to complete a near perfect match we cannot guarantee the match. Polyester Powder supplies use various companies, countries, formula’s and batches and unless the polyester powder used is from the same company and batch, slight differences may occur. Colour matching from a swatch will be done by eye and needs the clients approval before the contract is processed. In the event the colour does not match, JDM Powder Tech Ltd cannot accept responsibility.

27: JDM Powder Tech Ltd can offer/supply aerosol cans to match RAL & Non-standard colours, these are not manufactured in house and therefore we are unable to accept any difference in colour variation. JDM Powder Tech Ltd only use paint specialists to supply our aerosol cans to ensure the best match possible. Note: powder coated finishes can offer a different finish to wet sprayed aerosols.


28: JDM Powder Tech Ltd can offer at an additional cost (Fees set out below), shot blasting services up to grade SA2.5 using steel grit. Should you require your products to be shot blasted this must clearly be stated on your purchase order. Shot blasting is not a standard procedure for all powder coating orders.

29: JDM Powder Tech Ltd although will try to create a perfect finish, we cannot guarantee the quality of the material being shot blasted and therefore JDM Powder Tech Ltd will hold no responsibility for materials revealing damage, such as pit marks, holes or dents.

30: JDM Powder Tech Ltd reserves the right to decline any work which may impact or danger our employees, for example, large amounts of Lead or heavy/unstable items.

31: JDM Powder Tech Ltd will contact its clients on the date their shot blasting order has been completed and will ask for your materials to be collected within 24 hours. Due to the nature of shot blasting the environment can cause the surface to re-rust unless coated shortly after blasting. If materials are not collected within 24 hours and signs of rust have started to appear JDM Powder Tech Ltd will hold no responsibility and if required by the client to re-blast incurring additional costs.

32: JDM Powder Tech Ltd always works towards a minimum shot blasting grade of SA2.5 as stated below and each item is viewed with the naked eye.

SA 2.5: Very thorough blast cleaning: Near white metal 85% clean the surface shall be free from visible oil, dirt and grease, from poorly adhering mill scale, rust, paint coatings and foreign matter. The metal has a greyish colour. Any traces of contamination shall be visible only as slight stains in the form of spots or stripes.


33: All orders completed by JDM Powder Tech Ltd are packed in 1.5mm thick foam, layered or wrapped individually or packed on a pallet layered with cardboard. If any other requirements are requested which have not been quoted for such as special packaging or deliveries, these will be chargeable and added to the final invoice.

34: JDM Powder Tech Ltd reserve the right to amend our Terms & Conditions as required and ask our clients to review our terms on a quarterly basis.

35: JDM Powder Tech Ltd Owners/Directors, Mr Jason Reavell, Mr Dennis Reavell & Mr James Marsh, at the registered business address of Stirling House, Sunderland Quay, Medway City Estate, Rochester, Kent, ME2 4HN. 


36: On the 25th May 2019 the General Data Protection Regulation, known as GDPR, came into effect. GDPR is intended to ensure that all businesses respect your privacy and give you choices when processing your personal data. - JDM Powder Tech Ltd are strongly committed to protecting the privacy of your personal data, so we have taken steps to comply with the new law. We have had privacy controls in place for some time so there is no significant changes in how we store or use your personal data, but we wanted to remind you of the control you have over your personal data and ensure that we have your consent to using it.

37: Although we do not send a huge amount of marketing emails, we do keep contact information on file for the purpose of quotations, invoicing and account payments. If for any reason in the future you would like to be removed from our database, would like to update any company details, have any queries or would like to request the information that we hold for you, please contact us in writing.

38. When visiting JDM Powder Tech Ltd, for your own safety, the safety of our staff, customer products, security and the use of forklift trucks in the area, CCTV is in operation 24 Hours a days, both inside the workshop and in our yard.

39: JDM Powder Tech Ltd will not divulge any of our clients details to third party companies, except for Thomas Higgins Solicitors Ltd, 4 weeks after which a payment is late. In accepting our Terms & Conditions you agree and accept your details will be passed to Thomas Higgins Solicitors Ltd in the event of a late payment.


40: JDM Powder Tech Ltd have a minimum order charge of £80 + VAT per colour for both Nylon and Polyester powder coatings, as well as zinc barrier primers.

41: JDM Powder Tech Ltd charge an hourly rate of £67.50 + VAT for shot blasting and have a minimum order charge of £67.50 + VAT. Costs are estimated based on the amount of time be believe it will take to complete the works.

42: JDM Powder Tech Ltd charge an hourly rate of £60.00 + VAT per hour for additional preparation works.

43:JDM Powder Tech Ltd charge £23.00 + VAT per spray can for standard RAL colours.

44. JDM Powder Tech Ltd charge £49.75 + VAT per spray can for non-standard colours/colour matching.

45. JDM Powder Tech Ltd payment terms are strict 30 days end of month, payment can be accepted via bank transfer or cheque, we cannot accept card payments cash.


46. Any payments made by cheque should be received by JDM Powder Tech Ltd 4 working days before payment is due to allow time for the cheque to be banked and cleared.

47: Payments overdue of more than 4 weeks will automatically be passed over to Thomas Higgins Solicitors Ltd to chase payment. Any additional fees/costs or interest which may incur will be payable to either Thomas Higgins Solicitors Ltd or JDM Powder Tech Ltd direct. In using our services or accepting our quotation, you agree for your details to be passed on and additional fees/interest maybe payable in the event payment is late.

48: Any payments which are late will result in the account being put on hold immediately and is up to JDM Powder Tech Ltd discretion if the work is completed or put on hold until the account is cleared.

49: Powder coating work is priced based on the total amount of square meters being powder coated. Additional charges may apply if extra preparation work is required, heat proof masking or applying additional or special colours, primers or lacquers.

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