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Powder Coating Kent
Powder Coating Kent


JDM Powder Tech Ltd has an in house four stage pre-treatment process with the ability of processing lengths of up to 6.5mtrs in length.


Our phosphate pre-treatment starts with a hand cleaning process, each part is rubbed down to remove any initial grease or dirt on the products, once complete,  this then enters our pre-treatment plant for the second stage of the cleaning process. The products are put through a rinse and degrease cycle at set temperatures varying up to 60c removing any remaining dirt. 


Once the initial rinse is complete, the third cycle starts to apply the Phosphate, this applies a microscopic crystalized surface which allow the powder to adhere effectively and assists in rust prevention.  The fourth and final process, heats and air dries the products removing any moisture and leaving the material clean, ready for powder coating.


What are the benefits of Phosphate Pre-Treatment?


  • Improved Powder Coating Adhesion – the treated surface is made rough, and therefore makes sticking not just easier but more effective, because of a greater adhesion, the metal part is more effectively protected.

  • Improved Corrosion Inhibition – with the powder coating sticking more effectively, air and moisture are both more effectively locked out. Thus, the risk of rusting and corrosive damage is reduced.

  • Improved Finish – with the coating sticking more effectively it envelopes the metal surface, the quality of finish is also improved and with a smooth, uniform finish, cleaning becomes easier too.

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